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AML/KYC Policy

CoinPayMaster AML/KYC Service Policy

  1. Using the services of the Site, the Client agrees to undergo identity verification.
  2. The Site may request any personal data in any format and volume that the Site deems necessary for full verification.
  3. The Client agrees to the Site to conduct the necessary research directly or through third parties to verify the identity or protect the Client and / or the Site from financial crimes, such as fraud. Such third parties may be KYC services and / or other systems, the Client does not limit the Platform in choosing them.
  4. Passing verification, the Client agrees to the Site to conduct any research regarding the Client, which the Site considers necessary. The Site may involve a third party in these studies at its discretion.
  5. Using the services of the Site, the Client agrees to the AML verification of all online addresses from transactions conducted on the Site.
  6. The Site has the right to request the Client's verification if the Client's online wallet address involved in the exchange is associated with the following concepts:
    • Illegal Service
    • Mixing Service
    • Fraudulent Exchange
    • Darknet Marketplace
    • Darknet Service
    • Ransom
    • Scam
    • Stolen Coins
    • Terrorism Financing
    • Sanctions
    • Illicit Actor/Organization
    • High-Risk Jurisdiction
    • Gambling
    • Fraud Shop
    • Enforcement action
    • Child Exploitation
  7. If the connection is established, then after the Client's verification, the funds will be returned to the sender's address minus the commission spent on the refund, as well as minus 5% of the amount received.
  8. The site has the right to block funds and not return them to the Client until his identity is verified.
  9. If the service detects a high AML / KYC factor of receipts to the details provided by the service, resulting in the blocking of the partner payment system, the client's funds will be frozen until the investigation of the received deposit is completed. The maximum review time is up to 120 days.